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functional testing and nutrition

functional testing


Functional testing helps us to understand some of the underlying biological processes that may be contributing to your condition.


For example if you’re experiencing IBS symptoms, sometimes simple dietary and lifestyle changes can improve things, but for others so many foods seem to cause problems that their diet becomes very limited. Functional testing can help us to understand the underlying causes of the problem, be they food allergies, poor digestion, microflora imbalances or inflammation.


Similarly, if you’re experiencing PMS or erratic ovulation, there can be many causes, and the interplay of hormones can be different for every person. Functional testing can help us to understand exactly where the hormonal imbalances exist for you and then we can work on putting them straight.


Functional testing is not always necessary, sometimes causes have already been identified or are evident though your symptoms, but sometimes it can provide the extra level of assurance that you’re receiving the therapeutic approach most suited to you.


I use two laboratories for testing, Genova Diagnostics and Great Plains Laboratory.