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Arvigo Therapy

The Arvigo® techniques of Maya abdominal therapy – official site
Huffington Post – Maya massage: a healing practise every woman should know
The Guardian – benefits of vaginal steaming
Benefits of castor oil packs – for fibroids, endometriosis & abdominal scarring
Buy salt heaters – to use with castor oil
Haramaki – Japanese body warmer for abdominal organs
How to wear a faja


Fertility resources

Gut health & fertility – self-help guide
Immunological infertility – for people experiencing recurrent pregnancy losses


Nutrition for hormone health

Liver diet – how to improve your liver function and help balance hormones
Female hormones – nutrition to help reduce PMS symptoms


Digestive system resources

My blog about how to look after your digestive system
The China Study: the most comprehensive study of nutrition every conducted
Healthy Vegetarian Recipes
Probiotic & prebiotic foods for a healthy gut
Our wonderful vagus nerve
The Fairy Food Mother – lovely self-help & recipe ideas


Great books

GUT: the inside story of your body’s most underrated organ
The body keeps the score: mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma



Vagina dispatches – an exploration of vaginas by The Guardian
Lymphatic breast massage – to help with sore or swollen breasts
Sh-women’s store – sex & wellbeing advice