Arvigo London - Victoria Kearns | Testimonials
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“I hope you remember treating me at the end of last year, I really enjoyed your treatments. My partner and I decided to co-parent in December and we tried again to thicken my lining, but it only got to 6.3 mm.  However, the clinic decided to go ahead with a double embryo transfer anyway.  The night before my transfer, I remembered your advice about doing a steam, so I did one with the herbs I had left, while meditating. On transfer day, the clinic was shocked to see an 8mm lining.  I know it’s a strange one, but I really think that the steam helped. I’m now pregnant with twins (strong heartbeats too!). I just wanted to thank you so much for your treatment and for the knowledge that you gave me to try to work with my body.  I really believe that made the difference.”



“I’m sorry to have not got in touch before, but for the most wonderful reason. I’m 13 weeks pregnant! Has been an anxious ride so far but had our first scan today and all is looking good! Thank you so much for the advice, herbs and support I received from you. I know it made all the difference. Really didn’t think I would be sending you this message early 2021 but so grateful to be doing so.”



“Its taken me until now to feel that I have processed last week! I really felt that you listened to me and held the space so well, leaving me feeling completely holistically cared for; thank you. I felt so connected to my body afterwards and have tried the massage a couple of times since which is very relaxing, thank you for the lovely oil.”



“I visited Victoria due to a flare up of Ulcerative Colitis. My medication was no longer working, I had been moved on to steroids and I felt emotionally and physically unwell. Victoria used non invasive tests to investigate what was going on in my gut and what was needed to heal it. Victoria’s Arvigo massage helped me to understand my gut and how to identify the problematic areas. Victoria has gently guided me, primarily with nutrition – supported with teas and tinctures, to a place I never thought I would be. Her knowledge, compassion and commitment to healing my gut has turned my life around. I had been on medication for 15 years, and now – 6 months on from my first appointment, I live a medication and symptom free life. Thank you Victoria, for being monumental in changing my life.”



“I was reading a book about healing endometriosis naturally and came across a technique called myofacial release therapy and came across Victoria Kearns and was surprised at how she was able to help, advise and assist on reducing my endometriosis pain and allow me to go on and become pregnant – I can’t thank her enough for her support, therapy and care over the last 6 months.”



“I visited Victoria following 2 laparoscopies to remove endometriosis, 3 years of trying to get pregnant naturally and 3 rounds of IVF. Victoria supported me with Arvigo massage and with some herbs to reduce inflammation and I became pregnant the next month! My husband calls it a miracle! Thank you so much Victoria, we still can’t quite believe it. ”



“I’ve discovered (with great surprise and delight) that I’m pregnant! Thank you, your massage worked! I’d like to also add that I thoroughly enjoyed the session. You very quickly put me at ease and I particularly loved how you explained exactly what you were doing so clearly. ”



“Thank you so much for a wonderful healing session yesterday. I felt as light as clouds! It was also a pleasure to meet you.”



“Thank you! We did all the changes you recommended and I’ve had my period for three consecutive months…(6 months later)…I wanted to give you some good news – we’ve just had a positive pregnancy test! Thank you so much for all your help and advice!”



“I have been seeking fertility massage treatment from Victoria and I have seen a huge difference in my overall well-being and periods. The aches and heaviness I felt before are all gone and I feel like I have increased my blood flow too. Victoria is very informative and professional on all things fertility related and has been a huge help and a great source of information with lots of positivity and kindness. So glad to have chosen to work with her on my journey. ”



“After 3 years of digestive problems, bloated belly and non regular cycle, I decided to see Victoria. I was hoping that the Arvigo massage and advice from an herbalist would help me better than the GPs or different specialists I had been to before. My first meeting with Victoria went above my expectations. Victoria spent a lot of time actively listening to my story and concerns at the beginning. I was impressed by her professionalism, care and knowledge. She then massaged me in a very gentle and efficient way and provided me with recommendations to change my diet. Following her advice, my digestive troubles disappeared in a few days. I feel very privileged to have met her and I keep working with her on other gynaecological aspects. Victoria has also been regularly in touch to check my progress and share other recommendations. I highly recommend Victoria for anyone who wants to improve their health quickly and durably in a natural way.”



“Thank you so much for all your help. It is so wonderful to know that we can get pregnant naturally.”



“I first had my Arvigo massage treatment with Victoria last summer, when I had been suffering with IBS for a long while. The massage treatment was amazing; very soothing and relaxing. Victoria’s knowledge and understanding around the subject was extensive. Victoria goes above and beyond to help her clients, she is wonderful! It was also helpful that she taught me how to do the Arvigo self-massage, so I can treat myself at home. I chose to also have a treatment with herbs that she prepared to help my condition; I found that doing this alongside the massage treatment really helped. I would highly recommend Victoria’s practice.”



“Victoria is knowledgeable and intuitive. After only 2 weeks of treatment my endo pain has been reduced significantly. Wonderful results! Thank you so much.”



“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this year. Working with you has been a major part of my healing process & you have been a great support.”



“Previous to my consultation with Victoria I had heard so many wonderful things of the Arvigo therapy and created really high expectations. Victoria exceeded this expectations and delivered a truly transformational experience. She was able to accurately describe the physiological changes that will occur as a result of the arvigo technique, therefore informing me completely of the transformation my body was going to go through. Her hands were gentle and precise having immediate results in my abdomen. That night I went to bed completely free of tension in my stomach and a relaxed pelvis. Its been 4 days since the massage and my digestion has improved drastically and the results are long lasting. Cannot recommend highly enough.”



“Thank you ever so much for the herbs they have helped enormously. My headaches have gone and I haven’t felt overwhelmed at all. The tummy massage is so lovely to do too and makes me feel great so thank you so much for that.”



“I have suffered from lower back pain, bladder issues, abdominal pain, vaginismus and other women health related issues for over 15 years. My relationships have been disastrous due to my health problems. I’ve seen so many doctors and had numerous tests done over the years but to no avail. I was delighted when I came across Victoria because for the first time in my life it seemed like the jigsaw pieces came together since she pinpointed the root of my problems was pelvic tension and started working on me to release the tension. Furthermore, I benefited from her dietary advice and her very holistic and interconnected way of dealing with my problems. I would definitely recommend Victoria. I’m on the road to recovery and have seen significant improvements.”



“I started seeing Victoria in November 2017 for various female issues causing a hormonal imbalance to my overall system. I have inter-uterine fibroids that have always caused me excruciating lower abdominal pain along with migraines. Victoria has managed to rid me of this pain in a short space of time by putting me on a revised dietary plan along with a fertility tincture and pain mix tonic to create a renewed balance to my hormone levels. This is the first time i can actually say I am pain-free from abdominal cramps after years of suffering, my one regret is not having come across this team of practitioners earlier. Furthermore, her Arvigo massage and overall holistic approach has done wonders for me and i cannot recommend her enough! If you’re looking for someone that is kind, extremely professional, overall supportive, ACTUALLY knows what they are doing, to list but a few then, look no further as this will be the right fit for you.”



“I went to see Victoria for treatment of Endometriosis which was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. When I first saw Victoria I had a swollen and tender womb and abdomen and pain every single day. With Victoria I have had herbs in the form of a uterine tonic and also regular Arvigo massage which I’ve supplemented with self massage. My pain levels have gotten better and better to the point where I have little pain now and many days with no pain at all. I will continue to see Victoria for general maintenance and self care and would recommend her HIGHLY as a supportive, knowledgeable and professional practitioner. Often a condition such as endometriosis is described by medical professionals as an ‘incurable’ disease which can’t be helped but my treatment has proved that things can get better and that is thanks to Victoria from Kearns & Meiring!”